East Liberty Named One of the 10 Coolest Neighborhoods by TIME

East Liberty is getting some serious national attention. TIME Money recently ran an article about the 10 Coolest Neighborhoods in the US with East Liberty coming out on top of the list. The article posted in October 2017 had this to say about East Liberty:

“This Pennsylvania steel town has reinvigorated its cool factor in recent years, with the influx of new bars, restaurants and hotels. “Pittsburgh won’t be the first American city to beep on your cool-o-meter, but its eastern neighborhoods might just be the sleeper hit your hipster sensibilities have been craving,” says travel writer and TV host Brandon Presser.

Speaking of hotels, check out the Ace Hotel in the East Liberty neighborhood. Housed in a former YMCA, the hotel kept the old-school gym where guests can play cornhole, ping pong, and video games.”

Click here to read the full article and see some other cool neighborhoods around the US.

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