East Liberty Startup Module Begins Taking Reservations

East Liberty startup Module has began taking orders for their modular homes. Homes come in one of 3 base units depending on your needs and can be expanded throughout the life of your house, maxing out at 3 stories and 2,000 sq. ft.

Currently, you need to get on the reservation list to secure your modular home ranging from $500 for a basic reservation to $1500 for the premium option. Worried about changing your mind after you secure your spot? Don’t worry, all reservations are fully refundable. With their more expensive reservation levels, Module provides a plethora of bonuses including a 1-on-1 design workshop, early adopter discount, help finding suitable land, and even a party at their pilot house here in Pittsburgh.

Module’s attraction comes from it’s piecemeal approach to home buying; you don’t need to buy more house than you need which helps economically and environmentally. Their homes also feature a fresh, modern design and offer options to lessen your environmental impact.

Check out their website orĀ Facebook for more information.

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